Free Credit Card Processing in California

No Fee Merchant Processors in CA

Our cash discount program in CA lets you implement cash discounts on all of your products automatically, charging customers a higher fee for goods and services when they choose to use non-card payment methods. With cash discounts, you can eliminate your payments to card processors and keep more of your hard-earned money.

How Our Cash Discount Program Works

Many businesses dream of the day when they can access no fee credit card processing. With the advent of our cash discount program in California, that day has arrived.

The way that our free credit card processing service works is simple.

First, you enter the sales amount into your POS system. The customer will see the total payment amount, just like they do on the store shelf.

no fee credit card processing california

The POS system will then display the merchant payment processing fee – the additional money that the customer has to pay for merchant services if they want to pay by debit or credit card. The customer sees this extra payment when prompted to enter their PIN, showing them the cost of your product as well as the cost of using card payment.

The customer then enters their PIN and completes the payment. You get the full price for the goods as stated in-store or online, and the customer pays the additional merchant payment processing fee to the processor.

Businesses love our free credit card processing service. As the merchant, you get to keep all of the money you collect from the sale of the goods. The customer pays an additional surcharge if they want the convenience of paying by card. What’s great about the system is that it makes accepting payments much more straightforward. The POS system automatically calculates the merchant payment processing fee. You don’t have to do anything except enjoy your new free card swiper.

cash discount program california

Integrate Free Credit Card Processing Across A Range Of Platforms

Businesses in California take payments through a variety of methods. Therefore, they need flexible no fee credit card processing merchant services that enable them to accept payments across a wide range of domains.

We provide integrations across a wide range of payment formats and gateways, providing you with the best solution for your enterprise for accepting payments.

POS Systems

Point of sale systems are the most common way of accepting card payments in CA. Unfortunately, regular services are not cheap. We offer the best free credit card swiping integration services available in California.

Our all-in-one solutions are ideal for a broad range of brick-and-mortar settings, including retail, restaurants, grocery stores, tabletop services, and stalls. The cash discount program platform applies across a range of devices that your business might use to take payments, providing free credit card processing for the merchant.


Terminals are handheld POS systems that many brick-and-mortar retailers use to take convenient payments from customers. These handheld devices are ideal for any merchant in the hospitality or services industry in CA. Our no fee credit card processing platform is available on portable terminals, too. Just as with regular POS systems, these systems automatically add credit card payments on top of the regular bill, showing customers the extra that paying by card costs. Here again, you can start accepting payments and effectively get a free card swiper where the customer meets the cost of processing.

Contactless Swipers

Finding a free card swiper isn’t easy in CA, but with our contactless swipers, you can apply your cash discount program across all your payment devices.

Customers love swipers because it allows them to make payments easily, without having to carry around large amounts of cash on their person. However, even the best swipers require you to pay a fee to payment processing services.

Cash Discount Program in California

Our cash discount program can help. With our platform, you can automatically apply a surcharge to any customer in California who chooses to pay by card. This feature means that you get free credit card processing. The customer pays the merchant payment processing fee, allowing you to keep 100 percent of your hard-earned money. It is the best way of accepting payments, all without paying monthly fees.

Virtual POS And Gateways

Not all companies in California take payments on physical premises. Many need facilities for accepting payments online.

Our cash discount program platform applies online, too. Customers in CA can see the charge for using card payments, and they pay it in addition to your regular price, allowing you to keep 100 percent of the value of your goods. It is free credit card swiping, but online instead.

Merchant card payment processing can be expensive in California. With our free credit card processing, you can avoid these fees, creating the best financial outcome for you.

No fee credit card processing online doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re looking for the best way for accepting payments over the internet and avoid high merchant payment processing fees, then check out our virtual POS systems today. They come with a host of payment processing services, ideal for busy customers in CA who want convenience.

Get Huge Savings

Our cash discount program generates enormous savings. With free credit card processing, you can dramatically increase your margins while providing special incentives for customers to use cash. Merchant services are costly, but when you pass on those fees to customers with a free card swiper, you can often find yourself saving hundreds of dollars per month.

The best way to find out how much you will benefit from free credit card swiping is to look at your monthly processing costs and multiply them by twelve. Most businesses find that the number runs into the thousands of dollars, often enough to hire a new member of staff. A good cash discount program in California prevents you from having to incur these monthly fees and lets you accept credit card payments without worrying. Not only do we service California, but we also have a cash discount program in Florida, as well.

Businesses That Benefit From Free Credit Card Swiping In CA

free credit card processing californiaAll sorts of businesses can benefit from no fee credit card processing in California.


Do you operate a retail store in CA? Would you like to cut the cost of merchant payment processing? If so, then find out more today about the best free credit card swiping solution for your company. Remember, in retail, margins are tight, so free credit card processing can have an enormous impact on the profitability of your business and give you a leg up on the competition.

Professional Services

Professional services in California need to offer their clients easy ways to pay. One of the best ways to do this is with a free card swiper that allows customers to make payments without you incurring hefty merchant payment processing fees. Lawyers, management consultants, and accountants can all benefit enormously from avoiding monthly fees on credit card payments but still providing the merchant services that their customers expect.

Salons And Spas

Would you like free credit card swiping at your salon or spa in CA? Whether your customers want a massage or a manicure, you can make it easy for them to pay and benefit from no fee credit card processing at the same time. With no monthly fees, free credit card processing has arrived. Merchant services will never be the same again.


Rises in minimum wages and regulations mean that even the best restaurants are facing cost squeezes. No fee credit card processing can help you reduce your merchant payment processing outgoing and still provide your customers with excellent service, wherever you operate in CA.

Clubs And Bars

Clubs and bars are the ideal environments in which to implement free credit card processing. When people are having a good time, they are more willing to pay merchant payment processing fees on top of the regular price. Free credit card swiping, therefore, puts your CA business at an advantage.


No fee credit card processing can benefit wholesalers too. With free credit card swiping and payment processing services, wholesalers in CA can collect payments upfront without affecting profit margins.

Liquor Stores

Merchant payment processing fees can eat into liquor store profits, especially when combined with higher CA labor costs. With free credit card swiping, however, you can bring the costs down and reduce the fees associated with credit card payments to zero.

Supermarkets And Delis

Credit card payments often mean that supermarkets in CA automatically lose money. With no fee credit card processing and free credit card swiping, that is a thing of the past. You no longer have to insist on payment minimums, just because of fees charged by payment processing companies. You get more control.

Start Your Cash Discount Program in CA Today

No fee credit card processing is the future. If you want to eliminate the cost to you of payment processing services and still provide your customers with plenty of ways to pay you, then speak with us today. Our bespoke solutions slash the cost of using payment processing services, freeing up additional capital for your enterprise, whether you are brick-and-mortar or online. Sign up today and start saving.