No Fee Credit Card Processing Services in NJ

Cash Discount Program in New Jersey

Are you looking for the best cash discount program in New Jersey? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. We have a cash discount program in NJ that’s designed to improve your merchant payment processing. Through this program, we can offer FREE credit card processing and an upgraded POS system for your business.

Our cash discount program can be highly beneficial for many merchants by saving them thousands per month or year in processing fees. This is why we believe it’s one of the best merchant services around. If you’re interested in this service and want to find a better way of reducing business cost, then we can help.

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What is a cash discount program?

Essentially, this program lets you offer a discount to all customers that pay via cash. By doing this, it can help you achieve no fee credit card processing. These merchant services can end up saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month!

When you start accepting credit card payments, you usually have to pay processing fees. With our payment processing services, your account for these fees by offering the cash discount. In essence, people that use credit card payments will have to pay extra at your New Jersey store.

You’ll need to update your POS system so that it prints a line on the receipt telling your customers in New Jersey that there’s a fee added onto their payment. In essence, this covers the cost of merchant payment processing.

With our cash discount program, you will have free credit card processing for every transaction. We offer affordable or no monthly fees that are far cheaper than typical payment processing services.  Not only do we service New Jersey, but we all have a cash discount program in Pennsylvania as well. With PassMyFees, we make accepting payments easy!

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What are the benefits of a cash discount program in New Jersey?

Choosing our merchant services can present you with a range of benefits. We transform the way that you look at merchant payment processing and accepting payments. We provide simple monthly fees for this service. By doing so, it can help you budget better and save a lot of money. Our no fee credit card processing services are the best around.

With that in mind, here are some of the key benefits to our cash discount program in NJ:

  • No fee for credit card processing: No fee for credit card processing is a significant benefit. When you think about it, you basically have free credit card processing whenever someone makes a payment. This can lower your overheads, as you’re not paying a fortune for payment processing services.
  • Easier to budget: One of the best benefits of free credit card processing is that it’s much easier for you to budget every month. You know what you’re paying in advance, thanks to our monthly fees. So, you can already take out any processing costs at the start of the month when creating your budget. It prevents instances where you might have lots of NJ customers paying by card one month, leading to huge processing fees.
  • Incentives for customers: The main aim of this program is to give a discount to your customers. You’ll be able to give them an incentive to make a purchase. People are more likely to buy from you when they see you offer a discount of sorts. This could attract some new customers and increase your sales.
  • Increase your profit margins: When you save money with no fee credit card processing, you open the door for more profits. Merchant payment processing takes up a huge chunk of your monthly overhead costs. Think about how many people pay by card these days, particularly thanks to contactless payments. Yes, you make a sale, but merchant payment processing fees mean you lose out on a portion of each sale. Free credit card processing lets you cover these fees and get more money from each sale. In effect, you can widen your profit margins by saving money. Plus, you can make more money through cash sales because you’re bringing in more customers with discounts!

This service might be best for your New Jersey business. No fee credit card processing is hard to resist, and you can gain control over your overhead spending. Unlike other merchant services, our monthly fees are fair and affordable.

How does a cash discount program work?

We’ve explained the basics of our program, but how does it work? You already know that you raise the prices on all goods that are paid for by credit card payments. In turn, your local New Jersey customers paying by cash gets a discount.

Consequently, when a customer pays by card, your POS system will print off a receipt that includes the added fee onto it. The key is making sure that everyone is aware of your stance towards accepting payments via cards.

As a result, you need to have clear signage throughout your business that tells people of your new approach to merchant payment processing. One way to do this is on your price tags. We suggest labeling each item with two different prices. One should show the price via cash, and the other should show how much it costs to make credit card payments. This way, people won’t complain when they get to your POS system and suddenly see an extra fee on the receipt.

Speaking of your POS system, it’s a good idea to have a sign right by it, as well. This should be big and clear, so your NJ customers will see that you have a cash discount program to combat the merchant payment processing fees. It’s always important to tell than that they’re only paying extra because of the merchant payment processing fees. This lets them know that you’re not just adding a charge for the sake of it. They will understand that you’re just a small business in New Jersey that’s looking to save money wherever you can.

What do you need for a cash discount program?

When you sign up for our program, you will get a free card swiper. You can use this at your POS system, meaning you can effectively offer free credit card swiping for your customers. If you have no fee credit card processing, then this means you get free credit card swiping as well! So, you can save even more money.

By giving you a free card swiper, we help you stay equipped with the best and latest POS system equipment. Unlike a lot of other payment processing services in NJ, we can help you figure out your pricing strategy for the change as well. A member of our merchant payment processing team will help you figure out the best approach to this. Along with a free card swiper and free credit card swiping, you can also get free signage. Again, this can be placed around your business in NJ to ensure all of your customers are aware of this new program.

You will need to update your current POS system, too. We’ll set you up with one of the best to help you offer free credit card swiping and make sure you print out the fee on all receipts. You can’t run this program without doing this as you will be breaking the law if you don’t include all fees on the receipts.

Best Merchant Processing Services in NJ

Why should you choose us to help you set up free credit card processing through this program? Other companies in New Jersey might offer no fee credit card processing, and some could offer free credit card swiping. However, you’ll rarely find NJ merchant payment processing services that provides the best of both worlds! Here are all of the benefits you’ll receive with PassMyFees:

  • Free card swiper
  • Free credit card swiping
  • Free credit card processing
  • Affordable monthly fees
  • The best POS equipment
  • Excellent customer service
  • Help setting up your discounts
  • We help to place signs around your NJ business

So, if you like the sound of free credit card processing and free credit card swiping, then contact us today to sign up and save money when accepting payments!

Is it legal to have no fee credit card processing?

Yes, it’s 100% legal for your company to enjoy free credit card processing. As long as you clearly show your customers what you’re doing, then there are no issues.

What does free credit card swiping mean?

Basically, it means that you don’t get charged when someone swipes your credit card. In essence, it’s just another term for free credit card processing! We offer a free card swiper to help you make this possible.

What if I want a cash discount program for multiple New Jersey locations?

That’s totally fine, just talk to us when you sign up. We can set you up with this program across all of your locations in NJ so you can get free credit card swiping in all of them!