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No Fee Merchant Processing in PA

How often do you hear the line ‘do you offer a discount for cash? This phrase is something that businesses all over Pennsylvania should now be taking a lot more seriously. While in the past, many companies used to run their own cash discount program, this is something that may have fallen by the wayside in many quarters with businesses instead swallowing up the cost themselves.

But when the need for accepting payments of all types, and debit and credit card payments is continually on a rise, businesses in PA are bearing the brunt of payment processing services. With each card transaction that gets processed in any business, there is usually a merchant services charge that will need to be paid and the lack of free credit card processing can be a problem. Obviously, when it comes to it, merchant payment processing ends up coming out of the profits of the company. This results in monthly merchant payment processing fees to the vendor and, in the contactless card society where people don’t carry cash, businesses often lose out on any lower value sales due to their minimum spend policies, the best solution for your business would be no fee credit card processing and free credit card swiping.

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Businesses thrive by accepting payments in the most accessible ways for all of the customers. Most people visiting stores in PA will expect that they can pay by cash or by card without any problems and many customers will believe the retailers have free credit card processing and don’t consider their payment processing services. But the minimum card spends often sees even the best customers turning and walking straight out the door.  It is for that very reason that many of the best businesses all over the United States and in PA, have chosen to change their tactics and try a new approach that works for both the customer and the retailer that includes free credit card swiping.

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Are Cash Discount Programs Legal In Pennsylvania?

For businesses accepting payments in Pennsylvania that are looking for the best no fee credit card processing, there is another option. By implementing a cash discount program, your business will enjoy a no fee credit card processing practice in your stores, restaurants, and other outlets and can enjoy the best free credit card processing, avoiding having to pay for merchant payment processing with free credit card swiping.

The way that this would work is that you would clearly mark up your products with a four percent discount for cash applied to them. Ensure that the cash discount program is clearly mentioned on point of sale in key locations throughout your store or restaurant in PA so that your customers understand that the price that they pay using a credit card will be four percent higher.

It is completely legal for your business to operate a cash discount program in Pennsylvania. The Durbin Agreement, The Consumer Protection Act, The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform, as well as the Payment Card Interchange Fee & Merchant Discount Antitrust Litigation all give power to companies across the entirety of the United States to implement clearly defined cash discount programs in all aspects of their business in order to balance their payment processing services.

Surcharging at the point of card payment is accepted in Pennsylvania, along with all but six states currently. The only states remaining that do not allow this service are Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, and Oklahoma. However, as this number has dropped in the last few years, it is likely that more states will allow surcharging. Surcharging will allow you to take advantage of the best free credit card processing and free credit card swiping.

Cash Discount Programs in Pennsylvania

Merchant Payment Processing

Traditional card merchant services will take a cut of all credit card payments that the business accepts. This is certainly not something that is at all good for business, as offering card services is something that they do for the convenience of customers.

But losing valuable sales through the need to pay for businesses to implement minimum spends on credit cards in order to cover the merchant payment processing is not something that works for either the customer or the retailer. While the best option may be a free credit card processing and free credit card swiping, that has not always been on the cards.

When offering a cash discount program in Pennsylvania, the business will have clearly stated the prices with a discount for cash. That means that if they are accepting payments via a credit card payment, a four percent surcharge will be applied prior to making payment via the POS system.

How Does Surcharging Work?

Adding the four percent surcharge to any credit card transaction could not be simpler. Process the sale of the POS system as you usually would and type in the cash value to the card terminal. The fee free card swiper or terminal will then go ahead and automatically add on the four percent surcharge so you don’t have to work it out or do anything, the transaction will then go through to merchant payment processing.

When the customer places their card into the free credit card swiping or goes to type in their PIN code, they will see that the four percent charge has been added onto the transaction. They will continue the sale as usual and the card machine will process the payment through merchant services as it normally would.

Once the transaction is completed, the POS system and free card swiper or terminal will then provide a receipt for both the merchant and the customer. The receipt will clearly state that the four percent surcharge has been added so that there is no confusion for the customer and everything will have gone through payment processing services.

How does No Fee Credit Card Processing Work?

no fee credit card processing paThe fees added for card processing by merchant services can stack up quickly for any business. And, where your company is frequently processing transaction that has a relatively low value, these merchant payment processing fees will start to mount up. You will then be left with a bill for monthly fees. You will no doubt wish that you had the best free credit card processing and free credit card swiping. In order to combat the charges that you will face you should implement no fee credit card processing coupled with a cash discount program. This will allow your customers in PA to enjoy the benefits of a lower cost for using cash, while it will mean that you will save money on your monthly fees for merchant payment processing of card payments by getting free credit card processing.

The way that the no fee credit card processing works is very simple. The products in your PA store are listed at the cash discount program price and you will enter this amount into the fee free card swiper or terminal before you hand the terminal to the customer to enter their card into or swipe. Then, the screen will automatically display the price with the four percent surcharge already added. The customer will enter their PIN and the transaction will be processed as usual. This will be repeated for all transactions.

The four percent surcharge which is added automatically at the point of sale on the POS system and on the free credit card swiping. will then be sent to the merchant services instead of you having to pay monthly fees. Not only do we service Pennslyvania, but we also have a cash discount program in New Jersey, as well.

Best Practice For Businesses Offering A Cash Discount Program In Pennsylvania

If you are looking at offering a cash discount program in your business in Pennsylvania so that you can make the best of free credit card processing, then being transparent and upfront with the way that your cash discount program system works will help to clear up any confusion that the customer may have about the additional surcharge in the credit card payments before going through the free card swiper.

Implementing signage that corresponds with clear pricing will help your customer to fully understand the pricing system will not only make it easier for your staff when they come to put the sale through on your POS system, but it will also help the customer to understand.

Using the point of sale graphics and signage that clearly explains the methods that you use when accepting payments will help to answer any questions that the customer may have about the price that they will pay when using a credit card in free credit card swiping.

The other way that your employees can help to address the surcharge that has been added to the credit card payments is through good old fashioned customer service. Engaging with the customer to make sure that they understand the cash discount program is the best way to save any embarrassment or confusion while putting the payment through the free card swiper .

Why Your Pennsylvania Business Should Implement A Cash Discount Program

In order for your PA business to survive and thrive, you need to implement policies that work for both the customer and yourself. With merchant processing means that you end up monthly fees for merchant payment processing. Taking credit card payments does not always offer the convenience that your business needs it to.

Getting the payment process services that work in favor of your Pennsylvania business means moving over to a no fee credit card processing company. That way you will completely remove the need to pay monthly fees that can take a big chunk out of your takings and enjoy free credit card processing.

Cash discount programs in PA offer a fair system in which the customer benefits from lower prices when paying using cash. You will not lose custom due to payment process services charging you and you need to implement minimum spends for your customers in PA using credit cards. You will be able to take advantage of no fee credit card payments with no monthly fees on your credit card payments and payment processing services.

Using clear pricing systems within your PA store and by indicating to customers that you run a cash discount program will mean that there will be no issues at the checkout when it comes to processing the card payments while cash-paying customers in PA will appreciate the discount that you have given to them and you can enjoy the best of the benefits of no fee credit card processing and the very best free credit card processing on your merchant payment processing.

For more information about how your PA business can benefit from no fee credit card processing, no monthly fees and free credit card swiping by setting up a cash discount program get in touch today.